Cris Daniels
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    Cris was previously a Senior Vice President with the largest risk management consulting firm in Canada, leading their “Mid-Market” division.  In addition he filled the role of outsourced risk manager for a number of large corporate clients requiring risk management services, assisting in the creation of Risk Management Protocols, Procedures and Manuals.

    Working with several large Financial Institutions, Cris managed a Team whose responsibilities focused on due diligence and loan approvals for small, mid-sized and large loans.   Further, he had responsibilities relating to Infrastructure Ontario, providing Risk Management Consulting services for several P3 construction projects and other projects varying in size.

    Formerly, Cris worked for one of the world’s largest brokerages where he developed his Underwriting Skills and Loss Prevention Skills leading to increased positions of leading responsibility.

    In addition to holding Underwriting Management Roles, Cris was a member of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Property Committee.